2017 The Re-imagined Bust

A selection of 21st century re-interpretations of the Victorian bust by artist Kathy Dalwood from her Secret Society series were exhibited in the China Room cabinets. The busts are made by direct casting from found objects, collaged together, moulded and cast in plaster.

Famously Marie Antoinette adorned a hat with a huge ship in full sail and here were examples that refer to some obsessions of the Victorian age; trains, photography, libraries, commerce and travel to create charming and witty figures with names such as Photographer, Miss Locomotion and Librarian. One of the busts was acquired by the Earl of Harewood for his personal collection.

The work of British artist and designer Kathy Dalwood mixes fine art and design and is always based on the process of casting. She works primarily in plaster and concrete, exploring histories of sculpture, fashion and architecture.



24 March to 29 October 2017


The China Room


Kathy Dalwood


Nicola Stephenson